Moderate Nostole?

Since we are currently running low on moderation of the site, you are allowed to sign up for Nostole, depending on what you are wanting to do in Nostole, that will determine your rank. I am not saying everyone who applies will get put in Nostole, and for an application, you can NOT sign up to do things like ‘glitch testing’ . If you do, there is a good chance of not getting in, if you were going to put something like this on the application, then I’ll put this into words you understand. Let’s think of moderation in Nostole as an Apple pie, one person does a load of work, and the other person doesn’t do as much work, who would the Apple pie go to? the person who did more work, or the person who didn’t do as much work.

Anyways, it’s about time we get on to the application process, though one important thing, you MUST have an account on , and if you don’t, I suggest you make one. now we go on to the application process

Your name.

you should include your first name, and the name you want us to call you by (username, first name, etc).


what kind of things CAN you do that will benefit Nostole?

Position you want to take.

Now that we know what you can do, what do you WANT to do? some of the things you can do are:

Games Designer (makes games for Nostole, you must submit your work to us, do not use Game Maker to make games, game makers performance is mediocre)

Poster (posts on our site, posts will be about things involving Nostole, it does not require very much experience)

Graphics Design (sorry, we do not have graphics design as a recognized job)

Chat Moderator (it’s an easy job, there will be a list of rules on our chat ( ) if you feel someone is doing something that is over PG-13 , you take action against it (you can kick people from the chat, and you can ban them for up to 6 hours). (swearing is allowed in private chat, the words ‘damn’ and ‘Hell’ are allowed in main chat, if someone asks for help, answer them, if you don’t understand their question/complaint, send them to me. You can not unban your ‘friends’ from the chat if they did something wrong, do not ban/kick for no reason, and only unban someone if the ban was unfair, if you are an owner rank in the chat, do not give your friends moderator ranks, they will have to earn them).

Etc (this job is something you think of, depending on what the job is, then it may or may not be accepted.

You are to copy and paste the form below and write the answers in it.

Name: (this is where you answer goes, you should only put in your first name and then the name you want us to call you by).

Experience: (this is where you enter what you can do in Nostole).

Position: (we know what you are able to do, this is where you tell us what you want to do, graphics designer is not an option).


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